Terms and Conditions for Bookings

1.  Reservations

Applications for reservation of facilities within the Common Property (Facilities) must be made using the online form by the person responsible for the use. The hirer must be an occupant of Tide Residences community titles scheme and they must be in attendance at all times during the time of hire.

2. Hire Period

The booking start and end times are as per the booking confirmation from the on site manager. Access to the Facility before or after your approved time is subject to availability. Setting up and cleaning of the Facility needs to be completed during the hire period.

3. Cancellation

The onsite manager reserves the right to refuse any booking or cancel any booking already made for any reason and will not be liable for any loss or other consequence of the exercise of any right stated within these terms and conditions.

4. Damage

The hirer will be responsible for any damage caused to the Facility, including any fixtures, furniture or equipment (excluding reasonable wear and tear) during the hire period. Any damage will be repaired by the Body Corporate at the hirer’s cost.

5. No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted at any time while on Common Property, which includes the Facility.

6. Cleaning

After use, the Facilities must be left in a clean and tidy condition. This includes returning furniture and equipment to their original positions, placing garbage into sealed bags and removing it from the Facility. All kitchen crockery and appliances must be cleaned. Floors are to be swept, vacuumed or/and mopped if required. Hirers are to supply their own garbage bags and cleaning materials.

7. Decorations

The use of confetti or fireworks is prohibited. The hirer must not affix any decorations to walls, floors or ceiling of the venue with nails, screws or hooks. All decorations must be removed prior to expiry