Settlement Stages

1. Overview

Get ready – Poolside Terraces are almost complete and below is a summary of the step-by-step process we will guide you through for the upcoming settlement of your property.

Step 1 - Overview of settlement and what to expect

We are pleased to advise that construction of Poolside Terraces is nearing completion and the builders are adding the final touches to your property.

While there is still a lot to occur after the builder completes their work, we are on track for settlements to commence, hopefully mid-July.  At this stage the site is still deemed a construction site and, for safety reasons, no one is permitted to enter the site unless it is pre-arranged and accompanied by a Dennis Family Corporation representative.

We are currently preparing for title registration, which is the final stage before settlement can occur.

Settlement is generally required around 14 days after the property is titled, so we encourage you to begin preparing for settlement now to ensure you are ready.

This page outlines the upcoming steps you will need to complete for settlement. We will also send you a series of emails which will guide you as reminders through this process. Please watch out for these important updates.

Step 2 - Book a Valuation Inspection

We will soon be sending you an email containing information on how your lender can book a valuation inspection appointment. This email should be forwarded to your lender and/or broker promptly.

By now, you should be addressing finance and/or insurance for the property.

Whether you are paying by cash or using finance to settle, you should now be liaising with your bank and/or lender regarding this process.

Now is also the time to be arranging contents and public liability insurances, and considering a Landlord Protection policy if you plan to rent out your unit/s.


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Step 3 – Book a Pre-Settlement Inspection

By now our buyers will be getting excited about making the move into their new home and/or taking ownership of their investment. At this stage it is important that new owners reserve pre-settlement appointments to undertake a focused review of the property with a Dennis Family Corporation representative and a Builder’s representative for the purpose of a visual inspection of the final finishes.

You will be sent an email in the coming weeks inviting you to book your Pre-Settlement Inspection appointment. Important information about what to expect at this appointment will also be provided with this notification.


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Step 4 – Preparing for Settlement

The time is approaching for settlement now that plans have been sealed and lodged for Title Registration. Below are some helpful tips and links to assist with preparing to take ownership of your property.


Communicate with your solicitor

To assist your solicitor to prepare for settlement, it is timely to communicate with them. They will guide you through all items required by you to be ready for settlement.


Plan Sealing & Title Registration

Plans will be submitted to council for sealing, this process typically takes 4-6 weeks. The sealed plans are then submitted to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines for title registration. The title registration process normally takes approximately 5 business days pending the number of submissions the department is handling at the same time.

Once titles are registered our legal team will advise your lawyer and we will call for settlement. The time from our call for settlement and your settlement day is determined by your Contract of Sale. This is generally 14 days.


Connecting services and connecting with your community

Now is the time to arrange electricity, phone and NBN connections for your new property. It is also a great time to connect with the Summerlin community page so you are kept up to date with community activities and information for residents.


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Step 5 - Moving In

There is nothing more exciting than picking up the keys to your new home and moving in!

However there is some important housekeeping ahead of this big day. We’ve prepared a useful guide to help you with this process HERE.

Recommendation #1 is NOT booking your removalist for the proposed settlement date. Settlement often occurs late on the day, or may be delayed further due to reasons beyond our control. Due to insurance and health and safety regulations, keys cannot be made available to new owners prior to settlement.

You should also have arranged insurance (see Step 2) and connection to utilities (see Step 4) prior to moving in.


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Step 6 – Information Session - living in a strata titled community

Dennis Family Corporation in conjunction with the Body Corporate Management (Strata Dynamics Pty Ltd) invite owners to attend a special information session for those new to living in a strata titled community. This information session aims to provide you with an understanding of what it means to live in a community titled scheme and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions. It is also a great time for you to meet the body corporate, caretaker and your new neighbors.


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Please contact your sales agent if you have any questions regarding your settlement process or refer to the information on this website for all other queries.