Settlement Stages

4. Preparing for Settlement

The time is approaching for settlement now that plans have been sealed and lodged for title registration.


Communicate with your solicitor

To assist your solicitor to prepare for settlement, it is time to communicate with them. They will guide you through all items required by you to be ready for settlement.


Documents for lenders

If your financier has requested copies of the Certificate of Currency for Insurance and the Building Classification Certificate, you can find copies here. Please provide to the requesting parties.


Plan Sealing & Title Registration

Plans will be submitted to council for sealing, this process typically takes 4-6 weeks. The sealed plans are then submitted to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines for title registration. The title registration process normally takes approximately 5 business days pending the number of submissions the department is handling at the same time. Unfortunately, these elements are outside of our control, and we always take every precaution to ensure a plan sealing and title registration occurs in a timely manner.

Once titles are registered our legal team will advise your lawyer and we will call for settlement. The time from our call for settlement and your settlement day is determined by your Contract of Sale. This is generally 14 days.

Below are some helpful tips and links to assist with preparing to take ownership your property. We encourage you to become familiar and bookmark the Serenity community page on our website where you will find all information about Serenity and future property enquiries after settlement.


Connecting Electricity, Phone and NBN Accounts

Electricity connection can be made via your preferred electrical retailer.

Serenity has been built NBN-ready. This means you only need to contact a retailer for NBN to arrange connection and a service plan. The retailer will arrange for a technician to attend to install the final cable connections for operation. The location of your NBN cupboard can be found in the garage or laundry of the property and requires plugging into a power supply. Services such as telephone and internet connections can be provided by a variety of service providers, but not by NBNCo directly.

moving in guide

On-site Management

Serenity residents will enjoy the premium benefits of a caretaker onsite. This means all occupants at Serenity have a helping hand to turn to if you have questions or need some assistance.

The key responsibilities of the on-site Caretaker include the following:

  • Property management and leasing.
  • Arranging repairs and maintenance for tenants.
  • Supervision and management of the common property on behalf of the Body Corporate.
  • Monitoring the observance of the building’s By-Laws.
  • Ensuring all property health and safety laws are considered regarding the scheme.

For all inquiries regarding general maintenance requests please contact the caretaker via the Serenity community page enquiry form HERE. You can also access a list of important contacts on the Serenity community page under – Residents Information – General Resources HERE.