Settlement Stages

5. Moving In

There is nothing more exciting than picking up the keys to your new home and moving in!

However there is some important housekeeping ahead of this big day. Following is a useful guide to help you with this process.

Do not book your removalist for the proposed settlement date

Settlement often occurs late on the date (often after 2pm), leaving very little time to move in on that day. Sometimes events out of our control will impact your anticipated settlement day, requiring settlement to be moved to the following day/s. Due to insurance and health and safety regulations, keys cannot be made available to new owners prior to settlement. For all of these reasons, we highly recommend scheduling your move for a few days after the proposed settlement date.

Please email to arrange collection of your keys after settlement, or talk to your sales agent to assist.


Owners should take out a contents insurance policy over items within their property that are not covered by the Body Corporate Building Insurance (eg carpets, light fittings, curtains, blinds, furniture, air conditioners, dishwashers, dryers, etc). Property owners should also consider a public liability policy for their lot as the body corporate policy only covers common property areas.

Those owners who will be renting their units out should consider a Landlord Protection policy.

Utilities Connections

By now we will have emailed you information on how to connect utilities. If you have not received these emails, please refer to Step 4. Preparing for Settlement or the Summerlin community page.


Please contact the caretaker – – if you have any questions regarding your move.